Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All Secrets Known

So for anyone who may have been wondering where I have been or what I've been up to, get ready for some answers. Early this semester I met with my mentor, Tim Davis, and things changed.

I realized that the project I had been working on was not going to pan out the way I wanted, and that circumstances in my life were not going to allow me to pursue it with the dedication that it would require to complete it to satisfaction. As a result, I was burned out on it. When meeting with Tim, he looked through some of my older images (Group 1 stuff people), and found an interesting spark. In a few random images I had already begun to get at something I hadn't even realized was there.

So I shifted gears. Big Time.

I have subsequently spent this semester essentially scrapping what I had done last semester and beginning a new project to follow through into my thesis. I have a dedicated blog for just Tim and I (and recently a few other select individuals) and have been working feverishly there.

I won't lie, I've been very stressed all semester, but I have no doubt that I have done the right thing.


I Present to you my new body of work. It revolves around the Breakfast and Lunch place in which I have worked for the last Ten years - Ernie's Lunch (many refer to it as a diner, though technically it is not). It is a small family owned establishment in my hometown of Melrose, and is a place unlike any other I have found.
Places like Ernie's have fallen off in recent years, with many small business folding and unable to survive. Only through tireless work and unyielding commitment can something like Ernie's exist in this current world.
This work is a document of the world that is Ernie's lunch. The people, the spaces, the feelings and interactions. I am currently photographing any and everything that makes Ernie's what it is, and seeing what will emerge as the strongest vein.
I decided to keep this project largely to myself until I knew it was going to turn into something, and I now have no doubt that my choice to change my work completely was the right choice to make. Thanks to the few who knew what I was up to - Trusty Sully Evan and Ian.
(And yes, if you are wondering, this is all 35mm B&W film).