Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Swan Song

Looks like the end is fast approaching. Got the Artist Talk written and practiced (mostly), images ready(ish) for installation and thesis ready for defense (I Believe). All in all, seems like I'm getting near the end, ready or not.

I have been spending alot of time planning exactly what it is I am going to install next week, and have the whole thing mapped out in my head. I made small mock ups and played around with different set ups before finally figuring out what is going to be the strongest. Know the nature of the beast that is the group show, however, I have left a little bit of wiggle room for some restructuring that may need to be done when I actually see where in the gallery I am going to be. Creating something that has both the malleability to be flexible in a pinch while still retaining that strength of its concepts has proven an interesting undertaking. I've worked alot on this with my mentor Shellburne Thurber, and feel pretty confident about what I am walking in with.

Now that I actually have the final prints in hand, and can see that I am happy with them individually, I am beginning to see the installation take shape as a whole as well.

It's been interesting seeing all of this come together, and will be interesting to see how much changes even still. I've learned that nothing (and I mean nothing) ever goes quite the way I plan it. As a result I am trying to prepare myself for anything. Should be interesting...