Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Looking in View

Another semester starting, and a little less time to do what I want. I'm afraid of locking up, and starting to feel like I'm slogging in mud. Over the coming months, the format of this blog is going to expand to incorporate more text, as I will be including some of the written portions that lurk behind my photography.

There are some ideas that I have in relation to memory and my link to it through my photographic work. I will be posting the results of some of my trial and error recollections of the places I will be photographing, and delving deeper into why I am actually in the specific places I choose.

By doing this, I will expand the context my work exists in, and also frame the images I am making in a more intentional way. As the semester progresses, I hope that these memetic recollections continue to expand hand in hand with my images.