Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Birth and Death and Rebirth

Blogging is difficult without the internet. Anyway, I have been shooting alot, and have been continuing both projects that I have been working on. I've included images from Both. One is a set of images taken off my TV screen, and it is growing in interesting ways. There is just something compelling to me about taking high resolution digital images of my screen that is so low quality. It's old, and not even that good when it was new. They are both abstract and strangely familiar at the same time.

I've been thinking about what drives us these days, and how technology has become a sort of religion. People gathered like the flock, listening to the television gods to instruct them on how to live, what to buy, where to eat and what cholestorol medicine will help them most. I just read a novel by Neil Gaimen called American Gods that deals with concepts similar to that. The old Gods of Earth and sky have died, only to be supplanted by the new Gods made of wire and silicon, and this has influenced my thinking quite a bit.
The other series is dealing with more directly personal subject matter, and I am using mostly film to shoot it. In the last week or so, I have branched out into some digital imaging as well, however. I am exploring my everyday world, and the things that surround me on a more regular basis. These images are starting to become more abstract, and I feel are getting closer to what I am trying to say.

It started when I was still shooting at the beach, and I realized that I had become more interested in what I encountered on my way there, rather than on what I found once I arrived. The journey was what was really engaging me. Taking this into consideration, I took many of the images while commuting, and often from behind the wheel of my car. Both projects are shaping up, and I feel like they're heading in a direction that will eventually cause them to somehow merge.

Also I posted my latest paper (does anyone actually read them?...)