Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Should Have Known

So, as I lay in bed last night at two in the morning listening to the song this post is named for (all of my posts are actually named for songs somehow related to what's going on in my life/work - music is a big part of what I do), and I began considering all of the many varied aspects of the things happening right now some things occurred to me.

As I am writing more, things are becoming clearer. The deeper into this I get, and more I continue down the road, I am understanding what all of this has been about. In so many ways, from different angles and through different methods, I have been dealing with the concept of home for some time now. Wondering what it is, how we find it, how we make it when it can't be found and so on.

It seems to me that home isn't either external or internal, but a marriage of the two; a balancing act between the world we see and experience and the way we interpolate/internalize those external forces.

The desire for home and community, a place to belong - however one may define that for themselves - is central to the way we live our lives. I have begun to research this more, and am digging into the meat of alot of it. SO much of home has to do with memory, both collective and individual.

The subject matter I choose, the way I present/approach it, all serves these questions and desires to understand what home is. What does it mean to have a home? What does it mean to be displaced from that home? What happens when you remain but your home fails you, or is stripped away from under you, piece by piece?

An individual makes home, constructs experience. It is in all of us, and executed in ways both grand and subtle. Sometimes unnoticed, sometimes painfully obvious; We all want home - whatever that means.

Friday, July 8, 2011


If there was no tomorrow, would you remain the same?

The semester has officially started. Met with my mentor, started writing my thesis and shot more work. This is going to be rough. I know the answers I'm looking for are going to unfold as I jointly write and shoot more. I am not going into this thesis semester in ideal shape, and I'm certainly not going by the book here. I have to just kind of make it up as I go, and balance all of the intricate parts and pieces, paying attention to whatever needs it most at the moment. Though bruised and a little battered, I'm far from down and out. Keep checking in, this should be interesting to see unfold.