Sunday, March 27, 2011

Audience of One

I used to walk to work after school three days a week. I'd go there and do the dishes, clean up at the end of the day. My friends would sometimes ditch if we had a study at the end of the day, but I stayed. I figured if I got to work an hour early, people would probably notice.

As I got older, and went to college, I still worked there. I commuted to school, so some days I would drive to work after my last class to work for a while. As I got older though, I graduated from dishes to cooking, so I did the cook clean up. This means cooking bacon and cleaning the grill.

I hate cooking bacon.

Everyone does.

It's the one thing that most of us who cook there would rather do anything else than have to be subjected to that. At first it's cool to see so much bacon. After a while that wanes, and you tire of it. Eventually you come to despise it, and you don't even see bacon as food. Once that phase passes, you make your peace with it, and realize there are things in life worse than having to cook bacon.

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