Monday, April 25, 2011

Thumbing My Way

In showing Ernie's, I have been trying to capture both the public and the private. I want to show the sides that we see that the general public does not, in addition to showing the more public sides as well.
From external shots of the backdoor, to the square of stainless steel in front of the grill where I can most often be found standing, there are many aspects of the restaurant that people don't usually see. These unknown scenes are as much a part of what makes this whole little world what it is as the public side of things. Each, however, could not exist without the other.

The balance that is created is important to me. Whether the space is full of people on a busy Saturday morning, or empty and quite late that same night, it is all pertinent to understanding what Ernie's really is. Places like this are much less common than they once were, and may very well be on there way toward extinction. In that sense, I feel that there is an immediacy in this work that exists in even the most silent of images.

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