Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Life

I've been exploring melrose, and have found that I have an interesting perspective. Having grown up here, I see it differently than it wants to be viewed.

This city is becoming very expensive to live in. I currently live at home to save money while in school, but the will not be the case for too much longer. When I move out, I will not be able to afford to live here anymore. A whole swath of people are finding the same issue, and it seems that the city's push for a more upscale sort of image is forcing some of its long term residents from its borders.

I approach this with a mixture of feelings of loss and sadness, it's hard when one's home no longer has any place for them, and also relief, because it is certainly coming to a point in my life where I will want to be moving on.

These emotions have somewhat changed my approach, and the images that I am making have become more sort of alienated landscapes of places where I have specific attachments or memories. In the images I have been making, I have found things that are at once paths and obstructions. They urge you to move on, but also block the way.

Certainly Melrose is not the only place that this is happening, and it is serving both literally and less tangibly for me in other ways as well.

I am finishing up one paper now, and have already started working on the next, in which I will address photography and its links to memory.

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