Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seven Years

I have actually been meaning to post to this for quite a while, I swear. It has been an insanely hectic month or so, and I'm coming up on the last draft of my thesis. It seems to be going well, but it does take more time, thought and energy than I had initially anticipated.

The whole experience has been one hell of a process in which I have trudged uphill, closer to ultimately understanding what the hell it is that I have been doing for the last two years. Truth of the matter is that I don't always think ahead, or know what I'm doing in advance. More often than not, in fact, I work from a more guttural place, and slowly understand what I've done only as subsequent years follow. This whole program has forced alot of growth into a short period of time, and has really made me come to terms with who I am as an artist, and why it is that I am doing just what it is that I am doing.

I've begun to consider what the Graduate Exhibition will look like, and it is starting to take shape in my brain. I don't think I will have a single image, or even a few, but really more of an installation that encompasses alot of what I have done throughout the course of this program. Working with my mentor, the amazing Shellburne Thurber, we are starting to construct something that will encompass not just what I have done, but will also reference the scope of what I have been doing, referencing the experience of memory and passage of time as well.

I will have more images to come, but they will be but a few and far between. There's still alot of work to do, and nothing is set in stone as of yet.

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