Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leaving Eureka

So, Ernie's is a different sort of place. So many different people come together here that may never have met otherwise, and interact in ways that wouldn't happen outside of here.

People come and go, and we see some grow from children, get married and then bring their own children in later.

We have seen regulars come and go, and have new groups that rotate in when the older ones move on. We have our favorites, and the ones that make you groan when they come through the door. Each and every one of them, though, has their part to play.

Each person, in their own way, contributes something to the experience that is Ernie's, and each person has a unique view and experience of this place as well. Without people, no place; without this place, no people. At least not blended together in the way they are here.

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