Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everything Ends

All that I have ben doing is personal (obviously), and has revolved around exploring and engaging all of the aspects of my life that I don't normally focus on. I find myself drawn to places/objects/functions of my life are all very present from day to day, so much so that they are usually over looked. Where I live, the car I drive, where I work and what I watch on tv.

More than just documenting my life, however, these things that I've been shooting are all somehow pillars in my life. The things that hold it up, and they have begun to crumble. Making photographs of these things that are personal and somehow conveying that has been most challenging. Everything from my house to my car, and even the tv set have been very present in my life for the past six years, and each, in its own right, is dying slowly.

Now I'm thinking about how I want to present them in June, and which ones I want to make larger prints of. I have made test prints of everything worth keeping, and will also bring those, but will only actually be presenting a handful in a much larger format.

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